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Novice to Advanced

We are uniquely positioned to provide beekeeping skills on a multitude of levels. It starts with hands-on beginning beekeeping for the novice. This is followed with consulting and training for the intermediate to advanced beekeepers. And, unique to Long Island, we provide a hive management service for estates, farms and vineyards for those who are time-pressed, but environmentally conscious.


These services are fueled by the passion of a lifetime beekeeper whose vision is to resource the next generation for successful beekeeping.

Beekeeping 101: From Grubs to Queen

This six-part lecture series is designed to help a beginner understand how, why and what we do to establish a bee hive. The theory-based course is offered from January through March and meets twice a month. Sign ups open in December.

The Introductory Beekeeping Lesson

To join the next class please contact me: 

Beekeeping 102: Four Seasons
A follow up to the beginner lectures, this six-part series follows on from Beekeeping 101. It is a hands on beginning beekeeping course where the students will apply what they learned in the Beekeeping 101 lectures. Enrollment is limited to 10 students. 

Beekeeping 103: Re-Queening
This six-part lecture series is geared for the beekeeper with at least two years of experience. We cover additional specialty beekeeping topics like split making and re-queening.


Continuing Beekeeping 201: Splits
A hands-on field class for the advanced beekeeper. Students learn how to make splits, control swarms and make new queens. Enrollment is limited to six per class.

Youth Education Program
This program is designed to teach the next generation of beekeepers at the Dorthy P. Flint 4-H camp in Riverhead. A summer-long intensive, the students will learn the basics of bee biology through harvesting and marketing the honey.


Adopt a Hive Program
For the person who doesn’t want to keep bees but wants to support the efforts to keep honey bees healthy. Your investment will secure ten pounds of Promise Land Apiaries honey, an opportunity to enter the bee yard with Chris and a chance to attend the annual honey harvest party. The cost of sponsorship is $200 per hive.

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