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Promise Land Gets Some Ink

Backyard Honey: As seen on CBS New York

Outdoor Eats: Featured on Channel 12 East End Full show

The Work We do: The Suffolk Times Business section

Beekeeper's Hives Vandalized: The Patch Community section

5 Places to Buy Honey: The Northforker Featured section

Beekeeper Shares Blessing: The Patch Community section

Why Forgive: In Touch Ministries magazine

Bees are the New Chickens: Edible East End Features section

Local Beekeeper responds to Vandalism with Donations: Riverhead News-Review Agriculture section​


Information on the following
to be posted soon...


  • Colony Collapse Disorder.

  • Organic or sustainable: Is there a difference?

  • Honey Production.

  • For information on why bees swarm visit Swarms.



Left: An explanation of the detrimental effects of fractured foraging on bee health.

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