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Promise Land

Promise Land Apiaries has been found disease free and is certified by New York State to sell both nucs and queens from its bee stock.                                         


Loving the Bees Since 1986

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We offer the North Fork's finest honey. Raw, unfiltered, and unheated, with no chemicals added, we manage our bees
as sustainable survivor stock.

Promised Land Apiaries is a sustainably managed bee operation located on the North Fork of Long Island for the past 30 years. Master Beekeeper Chris Kelly is a Cornell trained entomologist with a specialty in apiculture. 

We currently have over 100 beehives with hand-raised Long Island survivor stock queens and we manage an additional 100 colonies for clients across Long Island. This translates to approximately 10 million bees spread out over roughly a hundred-mile radius.


What makes PLA distinctive is Chris’ personal relationships with professionals and academics in the field of apiculture. As a Long Island Boy Scout 46 years ago, Chris was looking for his next merit badge — the small-time beginnings of lifetime beekeeping. His

                                                                                                mentor, John M. Arleth, a former president of the Long Island Beekeepers   Association, worked with Chris for seven years.


They maintained a friendship until John’s passing some 20 years later. John instilled in Chris a love of the wonders of the honeybee hive and an awareness of the symbiotic relationship of plant and bee life. When Chris went on to become a professional beekeeper, no one knew that he came from a suburban setting. They surmised he had grown up among generations of beekeepers.


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